Preston Mitchum

April 16

“I still have trouble sleeping some days,” Erin Sheehan said. “It really does bother me because I still understand I could have been killed so easy, and there is no explanation why I wasn’t.”

The statement above is from a student who was in her German class when Seung-Hui Cho opened fire on the professor and fellow students. It really saddened me to read her testimony. I could not imagine what I would do in their situation. It is something that many college students typically do not expect to happen, so there is really no preparation for it. ”

The gunman entered my room. He shot my German teacher and then proceeded to shoot the students in the classroom pretty thoroughly,” she said. Sheehan was only one of four students in the room not to get shot. She jumped on the floor and remained quiet while Cho went on his rampage. “I thought if I played dead then he hopefully would think I was already hit.”

In remembrance of Virginia Tech, thousands of items (flowers, cards, condolence books, etc) have been sent to the Hokie Community. The archivist, Tamara Kennelly, is responsible for documenting how everyone beyond the campus dealt with the tragedy, when the world was joined by four words: “We are all Hokies.”

I really hope all colleges and universities continue to send their condolences to Virginia Tech. This is a horrific tragedy that could have occurred anywhere. I admire the strength and optimism in the students at Virginia Tech.  They continue to be passionate about their school and this unfortunate incident showed how strong they truly are.

I would just like everyone to please remember that this could happen at any university. Let us all remember the victims and wounded individuals of any mass shooting. We are all Hokies.