As Ramzi Kassem reports in the new issue of The Nation, the NYPD has created perhaps the largest spying program by a local law enforcement agency on record—a sprawling effort to map entire communities that emerged from the toxic convergence of the permanent state of emergency gripping our society since 9/11 with the NYPD’s historic tendencies.


In the face of stop-and-frisk and surveillance of Muslims, Communities United for Police Reform, a campaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York, is working to build a lasting movement that promotes public safety and policing based on cooperation and respect—not discriminatory targeting and harassment. Stand with CPR and take this pledge to demand increased transparency and accountability from the NYPD, and an end to discriminatory and abusive law enforcement. After you’ve weighed in share this post with friends, family and your Twitter and Facebook communities.


A team of Associated Press reporters first exposed the NYPD’s intelligence operations surveilling Muslim citizens. To get a sense of the scope and enormity of the program, start with this story.


This video of a "know your rights" workshop at a CUNY Muslim Students Association took place late last fall in the wake of the AP reports, which included confirmation that this particular MSA had been targeted for surveillance and infiltration by the NYPD Intelligence Division.




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