Puzzle No. 3514

Puzzle No. 3514


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 1 One who might botch e-phone reconfiguration? (11)

 7 Touch, one way or the other (3)

 9 Burn most of weighing device down (5)

10 Criminal gang and murder victim will finally seem familiar (4,1,4)

11 Upstart’s bad pun getting extravagant rave (7)

13 Fish stew entails work (7)

14 Bath with a musical instrument (4)

16 Mother and child, with endlessly fleshy fruit (6,4)

19 Fifty-eight (in Spain) divided by 50, plus 1,000 over 500, equals a well-known Scottish number (4,6)

20 Easy bucks? They sometimes have it (4)

22 Athlete on the road put this thing in bill of cap (7)

24 Well-behaved set I can beat up outside (7)

27 Leaders of racist Immigration officialdom: terrible danger in part of the southern border (3,6)

29 Ultimately, you mix humdrum Guatemala travel with ancient Mayan city (5)

30 Play with front half of a car (3)

31 Brief amount of time found in seven pairs of consecutive Across entries (5,6)


 1 Drunkard to notice taste of sangria inside (7)

 2 Tea and a bit of rum for facilitator (5)

 3 Green stuffing, exposed with a gentle push (5)

 4 For each hairdo, mostly (3)

 5 Rogers holding in grunts (5)

 6 Escapes invalidate one’s visa (8)

 7 Mass is involved in the demonstration using heat (9)

 8 Greedy person maintaining large edge for wayfarer (7)

12 Remove weapons from lunar module (5)

15 Supports conservative’s unstated biography (9)

17 Dropped a hot drink (5)

18 Chaotic cluster surrounding beginning of Obama’s legislative procedures (8)

19 Young hare is allowed to 28 constantly (7)

21 Ed lucks out, is breastfed (7)

23 Going up a track, right about the kidneys (5)

25 Look around piece of unusual dressing (5)

26 Muslim boys concealing dance (5)

28 Consume beef or veal after commencement (3)



ACROSS1 COM + PLAIN 5 SP(IR)AL (rev.) 10 anag. 11 A + ESOP (rev.)12 R + ARE 13 anag. 15 UPS(E)T (puts anag.)
17 [d]INAH + [c]URRY 20 anag.
21 EG + Y + PT 23 anag. 25 J + AVA
28 OVERT[he rainbow] 29 PRI(VILE)G + E 30 BE(SID)E 31 anag.

DOWN1 COL + ORFU (anag.) + L 2 MO(T)OR 3 “leer” 4 INGE + NUIT + Y 6 anag. 7 RA(S + PB + ERR)Y 8 LA(PS)ED (deal rev.)
9 hidden 14 anag. 16 STA(IN)LES + S 18 anag. 19 STRA(TEG)Y (get rev.) 22 AB S’ORB (rev.) 24 T + APE 26 [a]-AHE-A-D 27 anag.

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