Puzzle No. 3496

Puzzle No. 3496


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 1 Curry specialty: pintos, cooked and spicy (5,4)

 6 Flip about knight (one getting out of bed) (5)

 9 Progressive, say, confused 6A with UN (7)

10 Risk for addict involves falsifyin’ a poker hand (2,1,4)

11 Tart is cute, sporting professional attire (5,4)

12 Small swelling to go down (5)

13 France’s leader, in retirement, ate cheese (4)

14 Drunk with fur turned the wrong way round is protecting grand
consortium of home builders? (6,4)

17 Stewed, um, escarole for appetizer, entree, and dessert? (6,4)

19 Pierce’s saliva (4)

21 Test odd characters in Tarrytown (3,2)

22 Hits a boy on the head with picnic food (4,5)

25 Christmas travelers, with archenemy almost sent back (4,3)

26 Zeus’s lover appears in play and museum exhibit (7)

27 Heads of lettuce usually spark the strangest longings (5)

28 Seek to embrace Scott Hamilton’s debut, which is like this Nation puzzle
for us (9)


 1 Dress up very quietly to gain an edge (5)

 2 Examine bug on either side of park (7)

 3 Here and there, garbled a word that should precede eight symmetrically
placed Across entries (5)

 4 Too much hair in kinky Irish smut (9)

 5 At last, waiter comes in to promote fish (5)

 6 Coffee preparer swallows first of drip in car (8)

 7 Cook breaking Crazy Luis’s spurs (7)

 8 Colorful extended-play disc’s the thing to put more money in the bank

13 Absorbent cloth mostly seemed to contain top-quality rope (4,5)

15 Where you can drink outdoors, youth takes a street uphill (3,6)

16 In retrospect, I must include article on “second waves” (8)

18 Novel applications, with sly, funny content (7)

20 In container for peas, kale salad moved rhythmically (7)

22 Franklin chapter to exclude team member (5)

23 Track return of Republican? I didn’t mean to do that (5)

24 Dine in the midst of Lawrence’s demise (5)


ACROSS 1 CAND(ICEBERG)EN (canned anag.) 9 P + ET AL 10 ANCHOR + ITE (anag.) 11 T(HO)ROUGH 12 ST + RODE
14 “scale” phonetic reversal
16 L AND S + LID + E
17 BAMBOO + [puz]ZLE
19 [l]EARNS 22 BOX + SET
23 IN-[t/F]-ERNAL
26 IN + DOC + HI + N.A.27 G + LI(T)Z 28 letter bank

DOWN 1 CA(PITA)L 2 NE(TWO)R[d] + K 3 hidden 4 EVAN + [b/G]-ELIZE 5 [sk]ETCH[es] 6 anag. 7 N(AI)ROB + I (rev.) 8 RE + D(E)YE
13 UNDE(RN + E)ATH 15 SHOW + [re/ER]-CAP 17 BOB + BIN 18 MIX + E-DUP-[e] 20 RAN(WIL[l])D 21 SELT (anag.) + ZER[o] 24 leag[u]e anag. 25 rev.

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