Puzzle No. 3489

Puzzle No. 3489


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 1 Fashion celebrity’s bad mood cut short when taking in poetic tribute to a
hairstyle? (10)

 6 Doctor said, “This is a good place to speak” (4)

 9 Republicans aren’t accommodating Democratic sponsor (9)

10 Sorceress’s concept: I became an object (5)

11 Soothe, except when absorbing loss (5)

12 Some members of the film crew arrived with noodles (9)

13 Bother to break up President Taft’s original design element (5,3)

15 Trap disheartened medical examiner (6)

17 Happen to act as a detergent (6)

18 Criminal company in San Francisco is at fault (8)

21 Forbid part of cartoon pertaining to a European city (9)

22 British man in African nation switching sides (5)

24 41 nests in half-open flower (5)

25 More energetic running, but I shifted to the end to get some meat (9)

26 Island in Southeast, outside Kentucky (4)

27 Aquatic creature (seabird) moves into path with a certain amount of
speed (5,5)


 1 Volunteers sing off-key and have dinner (5,2)

 2 Boy extended play, mounting piece of tricycle (5)

 3 Gather around to insist on small taunt from a victorious gambler

 4 Burn bad cover disk, all right? (8)

 5 Bury Monet in ruins west of Brittany (6)

 7 Mad albino is sick in the stomach (9)

 8 Checker’s helper: second person who makes preserves (7)

10 Frequently interrupting refusals in Moscow and London, weight is
hoisted for ballerina (6,7)

14 Lo-cal demonstration (that’s not a figure of speech) (9)

16 Mark, tossing out a fruit-and-pork loaf (8)

17 Primates benefit in degrees (7)

19 Like a wild animal overturning base angle (7)

20 Controversy setting back Arabic translation: Winnie ____? (6)

23 Clean rear of sleeping area (5)



ACROSS 1 CAR + PEN + TRY 6 hidden
9 anag. 10 MI (rev.) + S(BE)HAVE
11 anag. 12 T + WEAK 13 DI + OR
14 H AND M + ED + OWN 18 CO(S)MIC RAY’S 19 anag. 22 IRIS + H 24 anag.
26 KEEP (rev.) + GO(I)NG 27 SHIV + A
28 N + OMAN 29 letter bank

DOWN 1 CR(ASH)ED 2 anag. 3 E + ARW (anag.) + AX 4 TA(M)PA
5 YES + TERDAY (anag.) 6 TWEN (rev.) + TIES 7 P + LACE
8 CH-[i/E]-CK-[e/I]-N 15 A(E)RIA LIST 16 ONTHESID (anag.) + E
17 MIC + HI + GAN (rev.) 18 CHIC + KEN 20 anag. 21 S + T + AS IS (&lit.) 23 I + BEAM 25 hidden

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