Puzzle No. 3473

Puzzle No. 3473


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 1  Cheerful brew pub to have food (6)

 5 Belief in Edmonton athlete’s comeback maintaining soldier? No (8)

 9 Like a bull in a china shop or in a sandwich shop, house pet with energy

10 Make needed changes, when retracting what goes out twice a day (4)

11 After short time, discomfort and pain for a runner (6)

12 Communicating with a 15 under the weather (1-7)

13 Onetime campaign manager to staff a military installation (8)

15 A loose relative (6)

17 Congress, for instance, is initially scrupulous and precise (3,3)

19 Those people keeping symbol back to front as a way to understand 5A (8)

21 Diana the Magician embraces abomination (8)

23 Progenitor’s paint in correct English? (6)

24 Attempt to ensnare red cardinal, say (4)

25 Frenchman has to see inside apartment (4-1-5)

26 Persevere flying kite that contains ribbon from the other side (4,2,2)

27 Papa eats unfinished part of an egg that’s not quite fresh (3-3)


 2 Get through to write review about Spielberg blockbuster (9)

 3 Matricide put God in office (7)

 4 Talking head baked a piece of chicken (5)

 5 Strangle characters gathering for broker (4-6,5)

 6 Body of water that is perceived internally doesn’t drop off (4,5)

 7 Mischievous entity swapping Russian government’s $1,000 for a different
$1,000 (7)

 8 Vegetable held over in Hanoi, normally (5)

14 30-day tyrant, having eliminated doctor one bit at a time, is forced to
answer a difficult question (2,3,4)

16 Nine large bats, as a rule (2,7)

18 In a vessel, Cruz misbehaved (5,2)

20 New York supports clear vandalism? That’s a crime (7)

22 What there is in team, ultimately: tennis with excellent racket (5)

23 Quietly call up pattern (5)



ACROSS 1 ALP + HA 4 A + U + TO{psi}ES
9 PUN + {chi}N 10 ANTI + [k]OCH
11 A([n]UD[e]){iota}PES 12 anag.
13 “sue, she”15 D + RIPPED
18 BE[n] + ER{mu}G
19 L IS ZT 21 A{xi}S
22 ON{theta}BLE (noble anag.)
26 R(AILM)AN (mail anag.)
27 S{nu}GG(L)E (rev.)28 anag. 29 O + MEGA

DOWN 1 APP + LA + USE 2 {pi}NED (rev.) 3 anag.
4 AP + NEA 5 T(RAVEL)ING[e] 6 PAT + H
7 IRONS (anag.) + IDES 8 S{phi}N + X 14 SUB (rev.) + S(ID)IZE
15 D(O + M + IN)ANCE 16 anag. 17 ETC[h] + ET + ERA 20 {tau}RUS[t]
23 HUS(K)S[y] 24 anag. 25 OM + IT

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