Puzzle No. 3464

Puzzle No. 3464


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 1 Momentous heart? (5-10)

 9 Essential energy reflected the sound of a cat and the sound of a bird (7)

10 Backslide and return psychic’s gift with warning, mostly (7)

11 No! A thousand times no! Teasing is unacceptable! (9)

12Mona Lisa’s home is beyond standard (5)

13 Between drinks, sorcerer’s way to make money (7,4)

16 and 18 Refuse destination, even after rejecting Teddy Roosevelt (3,3)

19 Elevated less serious reader’s implement (11)

21 Termination of ailment by licking a fish (5)

22 Plenty from Chaplin’s tabletop performance in The Gold Rush (9)

25 Chant about Baltic capital with one type of Asian art (7)

26 Mesa, Arizona’s leader follows behind schedule, turning up outside (7)

27 Common bird, once carrying only letters from Singapore (9,6)


 1 Odd enchantress, rising to ensnare copper (9)

 2 Feeling sorry for everyone (including children) after destruction (5)

 3 Infusion distressed the bear (4,3)

 4 Greeting very quiet orange beast (5)

 5 Gets ready to run away, reciting something Chaucer might have written
about a seabird? (5,4)

 6 Mathematical figure otherwise circumscribing edge (7)

 7 Orgiastic romp with titan of great consequence (9)

 8 Participant in rogue’s shindig: One can be educated or wild (5)

14 Salmon I’d cooked holding unknown instruments (9)

15 Engineer overlooking crazy impression (9)

17 Cheer up large bobtail horse with a clown (9)

19 Something you could eat for breakfast: fish sandwiches, without a
doctor’s orders (7)

20 Former African strongman raised stipulation to put in silver (7)

21 Bad time coming up for soldiers (5)

23 Start dinner late—it is stimulating (5)

24 Family member in French city taking a bite of éclair (5)


ACROSS 1 ME + NAG + ERIE 6 D{EMU}R 9 {RAT}IONS 10 {COW}[b]ARDS 11 COM{BAT}MISSION (&lit.) 13 {ASS}EMBLE[m] 14 S{CAT}HE 18 AT{HEN}S 20 F{ANT} + ASIA 23 B(ROTH{ELK})EEPER 26 S{PIG}OTS 27 TR{APE}ZE (final letters) 28 {DOG}MA 29 SC + {RAM}BLED

DOWN 1 2 defs. 2 anag. 3 G(ROOM + S + M)EN 4 RASC (anag.) + ALLY 5 ENCA + MP (rev.) 6 DAW (rev.) + NS 7 MAR(XIS)T (rev.) 8 anag. 12 DAT A (rev.) 15 anag. 16 rev. 17 LAM + ENTER 19 [s]HOOTING 21 anag. 22 CLAS(P)S (&lit.) 23 B(AS)ED 24 HO + OH + A 25 V + END

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