Puzzle No. 3459

Puzzle No. 3459


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 1  Steamship in a lake? Quite the opposite when making a TV show (6)

 4 Style accessory is small and brittle (8)

10 George and Gregory hugging antelope as a measure of love? (1,6,3,1,4)

11 Lightweight to damage set of rules (7)

12 Boy grabs ruined one-ply leaf (4,3)

13 Bill, before eating salt in a place of worship (10)

15 In the end, roast zebra is not kosher (4)

18 Not Common Era (looking back after start of Renaissance) (4)

20 Capital card game on tape (10)

23 Cultivate hybrid, finally, with someone who ate an apple and prune (7)

24 US citizen replacing me with force of another continent (7)

25 World War II leader divides noodle-soup vessel with elite shooter (15)

26 Nervous and playful? (8)

27 “The Swan”: overture and finale of choreography performed in reverse
order (6)


 1 Chuckle after comics ultimately kill (9)

 2 Orator’s regret over insult in argument (7)

 3 Transitory things are mediocre gym mounts (8)

 5 Shut up about malfunctioning Dell, subject to flickering illumination (9)

 6 At last! Ecru-black combination that can be applied (6)

 7 Male involved in escapade is not as dear (7)

 8 Hitched very well in the old road on the right (5)

 9 Insulting remark one might find in a musical score (4)

14 Retro high-school dance hosted in a residence that’s unfinished and
shapeless (9)

16 Comments placed atop of mirror image (9)

17 One way to cook eggs—or, by the sound of it, where they’re made
empty? (4,4)

19 Pasta with red sauce containing a bit of veal (7)

21 Tonic I’d brewed, in a manner of speaking (7)

22 Charity receives nothing on time, practically (6)

23 Blockheads posed awkwardly (5)

24 How cute! Roy’s disheartened and wrong (4)


ACROSS 1 letter bank 6 [e]IMAM (rev.) 10 [f]OUGHT 11 APP + RAISES 12 PAT + TERN 13 S[h]ANGRI[l]A 14 SECOND + TON + ONE 19 letter bank 22 hidden 24 anag. 25 INTERVEN (anag.) + E 26 I(MP)EL (lei rev.) 27 final letters 28 ASYM (anag.) + MET + RIC[k]

DOWN 1 C + HOPPY 2 NE GATE 3 [m]ONTH + ELEF (anag.) + T 4 TWA + IN 5 anag. 7 MUSH + ROOM 8 M IS TAKEN 9 2 defs. 15 O(DOME)TERS (store anag.) 16 OBSESS (anag.) + IV + E 17 SCAR CITY 18 CAL + CUT + TA 20 “wrapper” 21 FRO[g] + LIC[e] 23 2 defs. 24 DR + EAM (rev.)

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