Puzzle No. 3442

Puzzle No. 3442


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 1 Stare in hole and see, at last (4)

 3 Unexpected visitor with a stated objective: Get smoked salmon off the
premises? (10)

10 Agitated, exploding: “No to e-mail!” (9)

11 Bell curve initially leads that fellow to error (5)

12 Sip of tea, tea that is like this grid location (3,4)

13 Ask one Las Vegas resident? (6)

14 Sane Vermont inhabitant? Not in a million years (5)

16 Losing control? Christ, yes! (9)

19 It could be rough being someone who imitates a stock-market index? (9)

21 Oil company adopts general replacement for an expletive (5)

22 Shoot bum or tramp in the head, like this grid location (3,5)

24 Hide fumbling Tarheel (7)

26 Film contest follows standard procedure (5)

27 Fix thirst with jug—what the diagram will be after switching 12 and 22
across (4,5)

28 Family with an open-door policy berates her terribly (5,5)

29 Make a sucking sound, not softly: That’s an insult (4)


 1 Yo, Louganis is smuggling alien in (9)

 2 Picture stolen in post office (5)

 4 Worsen unmanageable joint control (9)

 5 Guy’s partner to perform lines (4)

 6 Freedom from pests keeping oxygen out of nose (7)

 7 Heard in Sanskrit: “a sizable pan” (9)

 8 For example, Nobel Prize ultimately supports Southern link (5)

 9 Zip code (6)

15 City vehicle with roof containing uranium (9)

17 Rose, upset both before and after, left—she’s not a good sport (4,5)

18 Finks, standing on the street with you and me, turned around to find
Beyoncé or Justin Bieber (9)

20 One sound I hope for: a call from you (7)

21 Arab, if mistreated in a nation from 1967 to 1970 (6)

22 Lure short-term employee at start of training (5)

23 Fictional military man getting up to dance before ball game’s fourth
quarter (2,3)

25 That guy with hair product is a philosopher (5)



ACROSS 1 2 defs. 9 RE(F + US)AL 10 M + O IS TEN 11 [l]-OVER-L + Y 12 pun 14 NEGLI (anag.) + GENT 16 [s]ENTRY 17 ORANG[e] 18 I + DENT + I + CAL 20 DU(CT + TA)PE 22 SU(P)ERB (rebus anag.) 25 RAM + PAGE 26 “rapper” 27 letter bank

DOWN 1 F OR L OR N 2 hidden 3 INSUL(T)IN + G 4 GAL + A (rev.) 5 H + UMANITIES (anag.) 6 A + LICE 7 anag. 8 anag. 13 HEM(IS)P + HERE 15 anag. 16 [l]ENT + OUR AGE 17 alternate letters 19 LAB + O.R. + E.R. 21 TWA + IN 23 final letters 24 “use”

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