Puzzle No. 3441

Puzzle No. 3441


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 1 Making progress or making a bust? (7,5)

 9 Failure leads us into genuine rejection (7)

10 1,000 + 0 = 10 (just add water) (7)

11 Romeo heading to the back—and beginning to yawn, too (6)

12 Support and exceed in honesty? (8)

14 Careless fellow pursues Elgin, losing his marbles? (9)

16 Guard barring Sunday admission (5)

17 Ape cut fruit (5)

18 The same iodine reduction: one calorie (9)

20 Fool holding court? Thanks, that should fix just about anything (4,4)

22 Excellent puzzle piece in enigmatic rebus (6)

25 Rush around wildly and crash into a young attendant (7)

26 Packaging outspoken master of rhyme and rhythm (7)

27 El trains delivering the necessities for a future kind of travel? (12)


 1 Pitiful choice of letters to complete the word COI_ED (7)

 2 Ransack fund-raiser if legislators accept that (5)

 3 Hurtful hormone takes time to grow at first (9)

 4 A delay held up fancy event (4)

 5 Along with Beethoven’s Fifth, dancing a minuet is something you can
study (10)

 6 Pests sustaining a traveler underground (5)

 7 Teach lit differently—that’s a kind of scholarship (8)

 8 One out of seven miners eyes New Zealand inappropriately (6)

13 Half the world is into marijuana at this point (10)

15 Spilling a mug with cola can generate disease (8)

16 Period of atonement starts late, with the period we inhabit following (9)

17 Veteran foiled a person disregarding the odds (3,3)

19 Three parts of a hospital for a woman giving birth? (7)

21 Mark a carrier (formerly fashionable) (5)

23 Ultimately, White Sox shortstop stole surgical boot (5)

24 Speaking to take advantage of sheep (4)



ACROSS 1 10-DOWN [PRIME location] + INGST (Sting anag.) 8 O(VERDU[n])E 9 anag. 11 E(X)TIR (rev.) + PATE 12 hidden 13 NA + IFS 15 IM + M + I GRATE 18 DISH + O + NEST 19 C + HAIR 21 MOOS + E 23 anag. 25 pun 26 OX + I + DI(Z)E 27 anag.

DOWN 1 THE + ATRICS (anag.) 2 hidden 3 O + PER + ATIVE (rev.) 4 NUD + GE (rev.) 5 anag. 6 initial letters 7 M(ODE)R. + N 10 PRIM + E 14 anag. 16 MATCH B.O. + OK 17 A + NATO + LIAN (rev.) 18 hidden 20 “rimed” 22 ON(CU)E 23 [t]ERROR 24 anag.

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