Puzzle No. 3431

Puzzle No. 3431


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 1 Start leaving spots on arch, without regard for the consequences (10)

 6 Recalled relative with island bird (4)

10 A couple of minutes with headless beast? That’s barely sufficient (7)

11 Cold, sentient computer rocks a vessel (7)

12 Holiday in one direction (not north) (6)

13 Summon to replace a writer? Not applicable (8)

14 Right at home in places—except for a place to drink and watch the game

16 Coils backward into a bobbin (5)

18 Pallid, reflective, and penetrating—that is, thunderstruck (2,3)

20 Attachments to some pants: scales, fins, etc. (9)

22 Organize prohibition behind schedule (8)

24 Youth seen around ancient city with a bowl (6)

26 Fruit in the bottom of a boat, I’m told (3,4)

27 Gave money to put on a talk show? (7)

28 Reno confused a fiery classical musician? (4)

29 Someone unlikely to have 27 piles originally keeps interrupting
Blanchett (10)


 1 Magical spinner in rear trains is inclined to go over family (15)

 2 Solid shapes: covering for an old Roman wagon (9)

 3 Glowing and innocent one, dispatched without a bit of sarcasm (7)

 4 Pet spaniel usually licks kids’ faces (4)

 5 Varnished billboard leaving out first broadcast (9)

 7 Solution from a Google cofounder and the head of eBay (5)

 8 Sandpile produces all the elements for an Italian item on a tourist’s
bucket list? (3,6,3,3)

 9 UC’s map might represent one! (6)

15 Dentures discounted because they stick out? (4,5)

17 What you might find in a pit or casket: God (9)

19 Extraterrestrial certainly keeps back pastry (6)

21 Lizards disturbed us again (7)

23 Company that makes medicines for a hound? (5)

25 Woman’s energy: what carries essential information for the next
generation (4)



ACROSS 1 “pick, nick” 4 rev. hidden 10 2 defs. 11 E(X + CUR)SION (noise rev.) 12 A LA + [o]BAMA 13 THERE’S A 14 TOD (rev.) + O 15 anag. 16 anag. 22 anag. 25 NO(MINE)E[l] 27 ALT + OS + AX 28 anag. 29 O’S + AKA 30 SER(ENAD)E (Dane rev.) 31 C + LOSE + T

DOWN 1 PEAS[ANT] 2 “um” in “candor” 3 INDI[e] + AN 5 anag. 6 SERGE[ANT] 7 ELIT E (rev.) 8 S[ANT]AFE 9 TEN[ANT] 16 [n]OVA 17 anag. 18 PL[ANT]AIN 19 P[ANT]IES 20 “guest” 21 LE[ANT]O 23 SEXT[ANT] 24 S + TROLL 26 M.I.T.-ER

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