Puzzle No. 3401

Puzzle No. 3401



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 1 Evil supplier of money running game (9)

 6 Prickly ones perform in front of Charles I (5)

 9 Sanufactures? (5)

10 Parts of roles are to be seen again and again, all right? (9)

11 Teacher embracing punk-rock pest… (9)

12  …was totally into comeback of new-wave band Letterhead (5)

13 Lodge at a workplace where blood flows east of Long Island (4,2)

14 Middleman’s break with bank employee, taking time off twice (8)

17 Slice of cantaloupe can pierce a sweet dessert (5,3)

19 They can be crazy burdens in the absence of leadership (6)

23 At start of retreat, I went first and got angry (5)

25 Environmentally sensitive merger initiated with Cunningham’s
contemporary business (1-8)

26 Cowmen agitated to host 11 after end of welfare state (3,6)

27 Part of body with contagious disease penetrated by drone (5)

28 Brews? They come with the job (5)

29 Incite disruption after Electronic Frontier Foundation becomes
streamlined (9)


 1 Promote Southeast Asian lie about surface of contact lens (7)

 2 Controversial verdict for satellite service (7)

 3 Guillotine a henchman holding Robespierre’s very regressive added text

 4 Unexpected anthem: “Stick It To Him”? (3,3)

 5 Around south, rocky earth? No! (5,3)

 6 Auto-lookup for a song (5)

 7 Herb’s a multitalented entertainer—and largely despicable (7)

 8 One with privileged information heard of pub beverage (7)

15 Mysterious giant mice all over the place (9)

16 Duration of corrupted file and backup issue (8)

17 Vegetable’s standard cut (7)

18 Colonel supported by incomplete stunt in ideological conflict (4,3)

20 Hairy man straddling an agency of the federal government and a mountain state (7)

21 Frozen dish made from fresher, better ingredients (7)

22 Two females, pursuing a pill to stay awake endlessly, fall asleep (3,3)

24 Medical practitioners swallowing, for example, the last of the wine (5)



ACROSS 1 P(L)UM[a] 3 anag. 10 anag. 11 PE([w]ACO)CK 12 gener[ators] anag. 13 MATCH + BOX 15 2 defs. 17 MUS + TARD (rev.) 19 & 24D ICE + CREAM 20 SCAR-LET 21 U.N. WELL 23 anag. 25 W(HIT)E 28 S + USPECT (anag.) 29 anag. 30 PO(STMODE)RN (modest anag.) 31 alternate letters

DOWN 1 POL + YGA + MIST (gay anag.) 2 US AGE 4 [r]-ON-R + [p]-AM-P 5 KEP(TT)I + ME 6 A + B + ASH 7 C(H)OCO + LATE 8 2 defs. 9 B + I + ENNIAL (anag.) 14 ADULT + E-RATE 16 anag. 18 S(INEW)AVE (wine anag.) 19 rev. hidden 22 “merer” 26 “eyed eel” 27 R’S + VP

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