Puzzle No. 3389

Puzzle No. 3389



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 1 Feminist pioneer’s garments, with some pieces reused (8,6)

 8 Term heard at the card table—or in presidential politics (2-5)

 9 Pirate’s rude eldest child, it’s said (7)

11 Quietly move cover in back, e.g. (5)

12 What you would hear at the beginning of a TV show: “The subatomic
particle appears with gravity” (5,4)

13 Bless courageous and enthusiastic review (4)

14 Creation’s first computer? It’s made of cartilage (5,5)

18 Hannah or Bob or Sarah beginning to dislike European city (10)

19 Overlook potassium in drink (4)

22 Complained (that is, moaned) at first snippet of ancient wisdom (5,4)

25 Where B is a dish: in Italy (5)

26 Grotesque magenta badge (4,3)

27 Sulfuric acid or calcium permanganate in the West, they say (7)

28 Start to watch anyone but Martina on the tennis court, feeding
regressive monk’s willful ignorance (4-10)


 1 Mother and daughter in Shakespeare rejected head honcho (7)

 2 Fetching confused traveler around one (9)

 3 In the morning, second hand tickled (6)

 4 Émigré is down to adopt a Windows operating system (5)

 5 Revise memos or include duplicate e-mail for a suburban voter (6,3)

 6 Close to avoiding a place where you might gamble with chemical
weaponry (5,3)

 7 Time to put together an inspiration for poets (5)

10 Scoundrel, hero, guerrilla’s hostage (5)

15 Audacity is going astray amid uneven retreat (7-2)

16 Unfinished Hershey’s candy in broken pinata from Southern Asian (9)

17 Current tune: “Word Salad” (8)

18 Uninitiated primate is able to produce a nut (5)

20 Solo cat chasing soft ghost (7)

21 Choice of brew when leaders have changed places (6)

23 Deity’s male disciples making noodles (5)

24 Bum’s low church (5)



ACROSS 1 H + ORIZONTA + L (zoo I rant anag.) 6 D + OWN 10 rev. hidden 11 B(L)ACK 12 SYM(M)ETRY (mystery anag.) 13 anag. 15 anag. 17 hidden 19 NI(CAR)AGUA (iguana anag.) 21 “waist” 22 A + CROSS 23 V + ERTICAL (anag.) 26 W(HIT)E 27 anag. 28 “nein” 29 OR(T(HOG)ON)AL

DOWN 1 H(AIRS)ALO + N 2 init. letters 3 ZIT(HER)S 4 anag. 5 hidden 7 O + PA CITIES 8 NIK + ON (rev.) 9 A + B + LAZE 14 SQU(ARE)INCH 16 AC[d]C + OR + DION 18 ST(EEL + W)OOL 20 RO[o]STER 21 W([m]ITT)ING 22 AS WAN 24 C.S. + PAN 25 rev.

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