Puzzle No. 3322

Puzzle No. 3322


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 1 Where cooks work against this location (10)

 6 Greeting overheard at this location (4)

10 In New York, Mandela’s organization attracted a detective (5,4)

11 Lady and mother stop (5)

12 Patty’s naked desire (4)

13 Like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, initially, putting badger in shower (4-5)

15 Like a K train happening to precede H (8)

18 Smile wickedly, eating second helping of sugary cereal (6)

19Time magazine: it is used to blow your nose (6)

21 Whether he is a small insect or a giant beast… (8)

25 …item is all picked apart in a venue for discussion (5,4)

26 Loop (the outside of Chicago, Illinois) (4)

28 Key is rented out (5)

29 Grip deer, don’t you think? Also… (9)

30 …feathers at this location (4)

31 Profit or loss from this location near Nile resort (6,4)


 1 Solid start to construction at this location (4)

 2 Fluster artilleryman, losing head on the outskirts of Venice (7)

 3 Seasoning is what there never seems to be enough of, we hear (5)

 4 I barter crackers for cheese and toast (7)

 5 Ahead or back, randomly choose number (6)

 7 What Monty Python’s knights did, when moving up to surround North Asians from the subcontinent (7)

 8 “Drone” article on this location is something for everyone (5,5)

 9 Green tea I’m mixing with rum (8)

14 Abandoned, he arises in a difficult situation beneath this location (4,6)

16 Justice’s ultimate character! (8)

17 Half of NASA telescope for this location (3)

20 Bird and pig, straddling a fence (7)

22 Yank in Connecticut chasing bonus (7)

23 Folding paper or up-and-coming periodical in two (7)

24 Mafia’s conspiracy covers up disaster (6)

26 Jam involving excellent rock trio (5)

27 Disinfected germs around this location (4)


ACROSS 1 anag. 9 US + URPE (anag.) + R 10 I + M(PR)INT 11 LUNG + E 12 three + ten anag. 14 rev. 15 “May pastor” spoonerism 17 TREA(SURE)S (tears anag.) 19 [m]ORGAN 21 anag. 24 RUB + LE 26 AB(D)OMEN (bemoan anag.) 27 anag. 28 BRAND(YALE)X + AND + ER

DOWN 1 DOUBLE D AT E 2 MO(URN)ER (more anag.) 3 CY + PRESSES 4 A + GREE[k] 5 IRIS + HE + YES 6 P + APER 7 anag. 8 init. letters (&lit.) 13 “prints, e-gore” 15 PY + ROMANIA 16 anag. 18 anag. 20 GOB + LIND 21 2 defs. 23 SIN + CE 25 rev.

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