Puzzle No. 3294

Puzzle No. 3294

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 Experimental writing? Say “Bravo”! (8,7)

 9 Stepping back, elicit a blue ribbon (5)

10 Tourist’s sound of disappointment at misshapen trees (9)

11 Bears eating fish and birds—initially, you might find these in the Caribbean (5,5)

12 River circles around Hawaii (4)

14 Search for gold gets almost nothing for a tank (6)

15 and 18 Act before comedian Shelley outwrestles Oscar-winner’s dog (8,8)

18 See 15

19 Consensus in France: one is not quite one (6)

22 In the center, Devotees for Choice (4)

24 Damaging eardrum, BBC produces “It’s in the Stuffing” (10)

26 Cutback, concealing a second cutback, yields collapses (9)

27 Trim the end off soap with tool (5)

28 What you could use to make direct financial documents (7,2,6)


 1 Prepares to have dinner after uncontrolled rage (5,2)

 2 Greek king is a psycho among men (9)

 3 Clue ending badly—that’s something once denounced by Martin Luther (10)

 4 Brown-noser’s nasty names pursuing everybody, ultimately (3-3)

 5 Dance in Lerner and Loewe musical beginning late (8)

 6 Passionate about headless horse (4)

 7 Reportedly, strand in a wood (5)

 8 Wracked by conflict, imperfection, or the start of nightmares (3-4)

13 Violate “car-van” rule in everyday language (10)

16 Wrongly repeated to me: “Squid is disgusting” (9)

17 Close shave of one underarm cutting Eliot (4,4)

18 Crucial disruption of vital op (7)

20 22 against? Heavenly! Most excellent! (7)

21 Male donkey provided in mountainous region (6)

23 Data interpretation to hide disgrace (5)

25 Listening to passage, land in the water (4)


ACROSS 1 CHA + RIOTS + OFF + IRE 10 EN(MAS)SE (seen anag.) 11 TINTY + PE 12 PAR + AG + RAPH (anag.) 13 T + HETA (anag.) 14 2 defs. 16 MOO + N(L)IGHT (&lit.) 18 LAW + NPARTY (anag.) 19 WEE + P 22 initial letters 23 anag. 26 pun 27 NIAG (rev.) + A + RA[ce] 28 CONS + TAN + TIN + OPLE (anag.) 

DOWN 2 anag. 3 anag. 4 rev. hidden 5 anag. 6 F(IN + ITE)LY (tie anag.) 7 IV(Y)LE + AGUE (vile anag.) 8 anag. 9 S(EXPO)T 15 NEW(SW + O)MAN 16 anag. 17 anag. 18 LIP(SYN)C (NY’s rev., clip anag.) 20 P(REFA)B (fare anag.) 21 TOM + AT + O 24 H(A + NO)I 25 [all in]/IN ALL

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