Puzzle No. 3268

Puzzle No. 3268

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.
 1 Surveillance is the consequence of a broken roof? (13)
 9 Offer to revel un-orgiastically (9)
10 What Jay Leno is known for: high-grade porcelain (5)
11 Bizarre, unusual garnets (7)
12 Those who remained had to report once again (7)
13 Ay! In a bad way (9)
16 Discovery is subjected to a penalty at a hearing (4)
18 This signal left within (4)
19 Fire ant, perhaps, consuming the head of Andrew McCarthy, famously (3-6)
21 Discussed Mia with autocrat (7)
22 Bloke largely gets around other section of London (7)
25 Senior metalworker starts late (5)
26 At first, Kirkland follows dancing at ballet with informal conversation (5,4)
27 Existential question latent in Brontë’s letters (2,2,2,3,2,2)
 1 Small fairies might be the kings of rock ‘n’ roll? (5)
 2 Courage, Virginia! Oregon is just past trail’s end (5)
 3 After reorganization, Sony covers New York with my identity (8)
 4 Witherspoon looking up online prophet? (5)
 5 Depicted unsatisfactory deal for speakers (9)
 6 If incorporated, sea change comes next (2,4)
 7 Musician’s taut rig is disassembled (9)
 8 Someone who finishes bathroom in purple? (8)
13 Pretended to hold up kiss—for the most part, that’s OK (8)
14 With audio application, “amend” becomes “amen” (3,4,2)
15 Three-quarters fat, one quarter that’s needy and slow (9)
17 Infielders on team originally in cellar (8)
20 Alter course of Southern fighter in Balkan capital (6)
22 Red wine in a stateroom (5)
23 Internally embellish a Korean military hat (5)
24 One lodge member getting high with joint (5)
ACROSS 1 COM(I COPE + R)A 6 A BET 9 T(INF)OIL (fin anag.) 10 anag. 12 anag. 13 F(REEL)UN + CH 14 MIG + RATED 16 TIDE (rev.) + S 19 A(BY)SS 20 AR(M)RESTS 22 anag. 25 hidden 26 “Sweet Georgia Brown” 27 THIN (anag.) + AIR 28 rev. 29 SKIN + N(E)RBOX (Bronx anag.) 
DOWN 1 C + ATCHY (yacht anag.) 2 MEND A CITY 3 CROSS + DRESSING 4 PI(L)AF 5 ROTTER + DAM 7 BROW + N 8 TEACHES + T 11 “pullet surprise” 15 TRA (rev.) + DE[n]MARK 17 DITHYRA(M)B (birthday anag.) 18 [e]CAR + DI + GAN (rev.) 21 THOR AX 23 SH + OUT 24 S(IT)IN

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