Puzzle No. 3245

Puzzle No. 3245

Don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.
 1 Dispatches from Suez: nudes, oddly (5)
 4 Type of poetry: loud, flip, infused with energy (4,5)
 9 Young alien interrupts groom (7)
10 Clerks steer recklessly around lines (7)
11 In Spain, the legend disoriented calm, reflective TV star (5,9)
13 Hat wearer finally cuts into vegetable (5)
15 Enshrine “pen therapy”: it holds a key to forgetting (8)
17 In woodwind part, fast time let up (8)
19 Inside, nine were not as old (5)
22 Irrationally revere courses containing seed of giant sequoias, e.g. (9,5)
25 Science-fiction novelist: French and physically strong (4-3)
26 War-torn German city desperately needs medic at front (7)
27 Someone who provides compensation in connection with a piece of furniture (9)
28 Excess nearly rumpled suits (5)
 1 Steps clumsily around remnant of fire and starts to fall (10)
 2 Tormentor is born near capital of Latvia, amid Communist uprising (7
 3 Inflexible back (5)
 4 and 21 Accident with whammy bar on some electric guitars? (6,6)
 5 Limits of HBO series going into kinky sex (8)
 6 Eleven bats surrounding animal doctor like a beloved rabbit (9)
 7 What some people want to do to Obama: sway, convert, etc. (7)
 8 Slippery eels, otherwise (4)
12 Depicts, ultimately, under false pretenses (10)
14 Love to hide new gown inside a shirt (9)
16 Hides treasure on the periphery in shady recess (8)
18 Flattened daredevil was first outside (7)
20 They say Mary Jane will cajole (7)
21 See 4
23 The one-thousand-and-fifth letter: in this puzzle, it’s E (5)
24 I heard you were a pitcher (4)
ACROSS 1 PRO-PAGAN D.A. 6 hidden 10 E-VENT 11 IN SIN + U + ATE 12 CRESC(END)O (soccer anag.) 13 MEAN + T 14 anag. 16 “lion weight” 18 anag. 20 CAS (rev.) + T[h]E 22 M(O)RON (rev.) 23 D(RIPPING)S 26 flea anag. 27 anag. 28 HAL + O (&lit.) 29 anag. (&lit.)
DOWN 1 PRE-ACHING 2 [s]OME + LET’S 3 2 defs. 4 A + LIEN (rev.) 5 DISCO + VERY 7 O(CA)NADA 8 “tweat” (“treat”) 9 M(NEMO + NI)C (IN, omen rev.) 15 TV (D)INNER (vintner anag.) 16 LA(UNDRE)SS (under anag.) 17 TREA + SURER (rate anag.) 19 [r]AIRF (rev.) + OIL 21 SU(NBEA)M (bean anag.) 22 MU(L)CH 24 [f]IN(F)ER 25 hidden


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