Puzzle No. 3233

Puzzle No. 3233

Don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s new crossword blog, Word Salad.

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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s new crossword blog, Word Salad.
 1 Husband’s chuckling is a crime (12)
 9 Mathematician’s fuel ship in sound (5)
 10 Caper stew with bread for each person (3,6)
 11 and 23 Tennis fan who offers legal advice? (6,2,3,5)
 12 Celsius variation in Chile, for example—hot enough for you? (6)
 14 Weep outside of parent’s vault (5)
 15 Like to paint abstractly at first, for a starter (9)
 17 Migrant bank employee takes back most of change (9)
 19 Gandhi abjures resistance for The Nation (5)
 21 Precede in favor of self (6)
 23 See 11
 25 Truce in argument about error with cashier (5-4)
 26 Rice course with pass/fail mix-up (5)
 27 Band’s equipment collided with radiator in auditorium (12)
 1 Proper side of expert seen in alternative to Skype (4,4,2,4)
 2 Rising ingredients of pastry fill unbearable void (7)
 3 Tradition in Russia: no noisy glasses (9)
 4 A burp: novel, miraculous, like the existence of God (10)
 5 Actor’s pain (4)
 6 Message about the author’s fabric riding up (1-4)
 7 Postpone first bit of seasoning for fish (6)
 8 Pauper shot stare of dislike (4,2,5,3)
 13 Superlatively formal holy men flanking Veronica’s friend (10)
 16 Basic proposition in clipper at sea (9)
 18 A second-rate thoroughfare, where a 17 might be (6)
 20 How to turn a tire into something to wear (a garment)(7)
 22 Sparkle and spangle amid cargo (5)
 24 Loudly search for Indian believer (4)
ACROSS 1 2 defs. 8 r[i]diculous anag. (&lit.) 9 CUR + ER 11 hidden 12 "elision" 13 IMP AIR 15 RAN(SOME)D 18 anag. 19 XER + XES (rev., &lit.)
 21 ASPIRIN[g] 23 AMP + HORA
 25 D + OR + M + S 26 B + RO(A + DC)AST 27 2 defs.

 2 E.G. + DOL[l] (rev.) 3 IN + COG + NIT + O 4 G(LOSS)Y 5 GASPED AL 6 2 defs. 7 2 defs. (ref. Tom Mix) 10 anag. 14 PAS + SPORT 16 STE(PP + ED)IN 17 CAN + NIB + A + L 20 hidden 22 A TSAR (rev.) 24 O + SAGE


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