Puzzle No. 3210

Puzzle No. 3210


 1 and 12Les anglais defeated the French—they’re on our minds in this puzzle (3,7)
 1 and 19 1 and 12 are hot, buff, ripped (3,3,4)
 3 Southern dish in a busy washroom (7,4)
 9 Range in pursuit of a bit of potassium bromide (9)
10 Ornate ruby captivates Eastern customer (5)
11 Pastel mountains crumbled in state capital (2,4,9)
12 See 1
14 Yellowbelly—or what he did, they say (6)
17 Teacher meeting teacher’s principal with creature pulled from a hat (6)
19 See 1
22 French statesman, around the end of June, defiles ceremony with words from a wedding: “Unsatisfactory” (7,8)
25 Leaders of Asian states can interact in computer alphanumerics (5)
26 Symbol of love and expression of love: keeping red item to sit on by the fire (6,3)
27 Turbulent Rhine engulfing sailor and piece of cloth with a nationalist slogan (4,2,5)
28 With the band? No! (3)
 1 Office worker is into salty pistachios (6)
 2 An ideal was once enough (7)
 3 Recited aloud, an exalted, brilliant stroke—this clue, for instance (5)
 4 Actor Christopher claims, “I like roles that are more desirable” (8)
 5 Sounds as if I go astray, cut off by wintry weather (3,2)
 6 Handiwork of some contractors more proficient in error (5,4)
 7 Beef, stewed moray, jumbo shrimp, and the like (7)
 8 Longtime conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra supports Northern part of France (8)
13 Look-alike stirring in egg and feeling sharp pains (9)
15 Accelerating competition for cross-dressing nation (4,4)
16 Sweeping view in Japan or Amazonia (8)
18 Born free, with vital energy in parts of the lungs (7)
20 Overcome? Quite the opposite: endure (7)
21 Spooner’s suspended—turn enthusiastic (4,2)
23 Tuna coated in antimony, sir (5)
24 Try to sell tar (5)
ACROSS 1 2 defs. 9 S(HE)LLAC (calls rev.) 10 I + NCITES (insect anag.)
11 2 defs. 13 anag. 15 T(ASS)O 16 hidden 18 ART(H)ROPOD (trapdoor anag.) 21 2 defs. 24 anag. 25 “pedals”
26 2 defs.

DOWN 1 FISTF + [n]IGHTS (stiff anag.) 2 E + LEG + ANT 3 AL + LAH (rev.) 4 hidden 5 CLI + C + HES 6 anag. 7 anag. 8 NE + ST 12 WORDLES + SLY (low reds anag.) 14 C(HARLOT)TE (etc. rev.) 17 anag. 18 ASP + HALT
19 TR(O)OPER (report anag.) 20 anag. 22 END + OW 23 rev.

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