1  Two points I start to get: sharpen weapons, speak carefully. (5,4,5)

9  Kind of colored around it, as one did after making an error. (7)

10  Some are said to be so in love! (7)

11  and 12 Looking for such as dormers at a good price? (6-8)

14  Something that sends things out with a German form in a chopped-up tree. (7)

15  In charge of the hearth, what many a man wears with a good finish. (5)

17  A girl who has a purpose with a couple of points? (5)

19  Possibly in the etui they find a necessity with the French. (7)

21  You could perhaps get sore this way–being rather pretty. (4,4)

23  Just like the first man, am I surrounded by a bad cad? (6)

25  Didn’t she get tired, just sitting on a rock? (According to popular stories, with a bunch of flowers.) (7)

26  What that cleaning powder is supposed to do. (7)

27  The thoughtful insurance man probably did, before anything was signed–but it’s a chance well taken. (10,4)


1  and 21 What the testator probably does is carry on business with vigor. (4,4,1,4)

2  One hears it’s where campers hang out, very compactly. (7)

3  Sounds “cool,” with zero entanglements, to get one under your control. (9)

4  Barely visible. (4)

5  A rebel at one time. (10)

6  The lowermost deck, which is otherwise cut off. (5)

7  The infant’s rubber toys are just fond relatives to certain Brits. (7)

8  English general and governor of Canada, otherwise sounds like you and I are out of buying. (4)

13  Don’t move! You don’t like to see business come to one! (10)

15  Made legitimate, but made David late, perhaps. (9)

16  Sir Andrew has a fever with it, but only on part of the face. (9)

18  Suggests a bad French vocal effort, which could knock you out! (7)

20  Your uncle at the old town–first-class, but an old fighting type! (7)

21  See 1

22  Keepsake–some of which are licensed. (5)

24  When the outgoing water comes up, go over the material so. (4)

CORRECTION : A typo wrecked the clue to 23 down in the print edition of the November 30 puzzle (No. 3193). It should have read “Caught in trap at Hyderabad…”