8  Said to be a dangerous thing, but is a small tilt right inside. (1,6,8)

9  The property of having a definite location in a club, i.e., typically exemplified. (6)

10  Old rulers? Oh, a sharp group–but disorganized. (8)

11  Would they be coming out shortly, like an old candidate for president? (4)

13  What’s the point in a false sovereign looking after things? (10)

15  Musician who brings back the things like music, painting, etc., to what goes on the side of certain ships. (7)

16  Go ahead! Give me some money! (7)

19  Nile studies and such. (10)

21  It never ends, but in reverse it’s game! (4)

22  How your servant spoke of himself in the good old days. (8)

24  Steal from crazy sot those things that do your work! (6)

26  Hecklers might, making a person other than a so-called Charlie. (4,3,1,3,4)


1 Certainly not the settled type! (There’s a liar about one coming up with it big also, and a tiny portion at that.) (15)

2  Not welcome in your eyes, like a pig-pen, to a point. (4)

3  Young male actors, but the frivolous type. (4-4)

4  Reacted strongly–like, I did this to my wig, man!–as one possibly did with a coin. (7)

5  Such nymphs presided over rivers and streams, and might be found in a sad position. (6)

6  An early one from South America, disguised as Cain. (4)

7  Just barely avoiding danger, during a robbery of your watch? (2,3,4,2,4)

12  Dog-paddled, or crawled quietly, in the bayou. (5)

14  Liam rises to the point of modern communication. (1-4)

17  Dread may discombobulate to make quite the opposite of a nightmare. (8)

18  Chief topic an unruly one–as GM made it. (7)

20  Eleven associated with it, but there are five principal ones. (6)

23  Required now at the tea, I hear, is a number for two. (4)

25  Take this and you’re all wet! And you lose your money! (4)