1  Setting out, and putting on the scales what keeps things steady. (8,6)

9  Makes sense at places where lawmakers meet. (7)

10  Statistically random, with 5 having something to sing, and it’s back in Paris, too! (7)

11  Where the kid gets paddled, at the back of the parade. (2,3,4)

12  The best people have a point, with what the advertisers claim is a bit tamed down. (5)

13  It’s one way to get around Venice, with a short date in the turbulent lagoon. (7)

15  Incised carvings shown in a glint, I find. (7)

16  Relating to a toothache, with some who don’t, I can see. (7)

18  The French unknown quantity and a final image provide a special reference. (7)

20  Analyze a word with spare parts. (5)

21  A type of fern might be the last thing you see going over the
fence! (9)

23  Living near the surface of the ground in the wrong age, with a sort of pile around it. (7)

24  Make things according to the custom. (7)

25  What was the crooner dreaming of! (5,9)


1  Are Boston creams only eaten in DC? (10,4)

2  What the guy who doesn’t want to see you may holler! (2,3,2)

3  It’s not legal to do it in the ring. (3,5,3,4)

4  A hen’s confused Thomas, the English dramatist. (5)

5  A sort of clause that intensifies the action! (9)

6  What you might consider such things as your light bills? (7,8)

7  It’s nothing, passing judgment and getting on the stump. (7)

8  An event I crashed, drunk, at the onset of September’s shades. (8,6)

14  Describing the beverage–or the guy who drinks it too much? (9)

17  Paddle with one in the water–usually in deep tropical waters. (7)

19  That’s where your brain comes in! It’s rum I can handle, too! (7)

22  Going up and down, the way a sort of umpire starts to cite something? (5)