1  Such a chase is useless, crazy and foul, I hear. (4,5)

6  Only a word about a leading beginner in the Globe? (5)

9  Just the opposite of 8 as a way to show your fancy duds. (5,2)

10  See 27 down

11  Some question about identity–how is it different? (3)

12  Part of the choir, or sent out of it, possibly. (6)

13  See 27 down

15  Is the stein not broken by putting cassiterite in it? (8)

16  A real foul-up, if returned like the little company wanted. (6)

18  Coming back with the absence of arrogance, according to the Brits, but he invented a lot of things. (6)

20  One hopes he could steer you out of trouble. (8)

23  Possibly lied about being shiftless. (4)

24  How to emphasize a point on poetic hair. (6)

25  See 15 down

28  Such a boat has several sets of propellers. (7)

29  Used on a paint job, as a lot of gals may want to be. (7)

30  Not heavy coats you see in the movies. (5)

31  Amok girls! They’re measures of weight! (9)


1  I would shortly get placed in a “Gee-willikers!” situation–with the mate having departed. (5)

2  Certainly not the truth with what the birdy has beneath. Rest assured if you do! (3,4)

3  You can certainly get filled up here! (3,7)

4  You wouldn’t expect to find one on your side. (8)

5  Indeed, war debt reveals a reputedly confessing royal. (6)

6  With some change, this still wouldn’t count for much. (4)

7  Tell on someone who gets to sing badly, with these possibly being good or bad. (7)

8  Tell someone off, when part of the apparel slips away? (5,4)

14  Does it involve putting someone out? (10)

15  and 25 across One would have no trouble speaking with it. (3,4,2,3)

17  When put on one, many look up to you, being possibly deep at last, which is wrong. (8)

19  Borne by an adversary, when someone like Shakespeare gets sick. (3,4)

21  Get a man in trouble, being a problem of color. (7)

22  You can easily find takers for this–but it’s fast when blue. (6)

26  When things are for them, they are not good! One might be just a lark! (5)

27 , 13 and 10 across Takes a pretty big sip! (4,4,7)