1  Bring back some pictures, being well equipped to be crossed this way. (9)

6  See 11

9  Our Sam doesn’t quite get finished, with a snaky type proving a way to undo things. (7)

10  One of the male group got older, but evidently got by. (7)

11  and 6 Where you retire has bad things, and annoys the life out of you! (8)

12  A particular aptitude for making money the old way? (6)

13  See 1 down

15  An old occupation for a woman who is politically inclined! (8)

16  See 26 down

18  Nothing in a sort of sting could get you valuable bars. (6)

20  Rather clever behavior could lead you into your proper place. (8)

23  and 25 Pale frog babies? Look here for help! (4,3)

24  See 1 down

25  See 23

28  What happens when the strings on your guitar get broken? It may be patent! (7)

29  Its other name implies a creepy type gets fruit, but it’s a sign of victory when a heel is surrounded by nothing. (7)

30  Talk about the boat! Pert, as they used to say. (5)

31  If it’s black, you might find an 8 here–but you’re capable of being it! (2,3,4)


1,13 and 24 across A rather concise drawing, being how you may get a ride, with metal clinchers on the little boat. (9,6)

2  Part of the music is about a real low-down guy, in a supposedly simple and peaceful place. (7)

3  Implying a certain amount of give, being a point to a final one, going to town. (10)

4  With a bit to eat, works at a trade for the basic things you need. (8)

5  Little devilish types are exposed in studies about a small state. (6)

6  There’s a point to people who tend to be high fliers. (4)

7  One is not thankful for seeing where the ashes are piled up. (7)

8  Not the main jobs, but that’s where the spectators might be found. (9)

14  Quaver, in one sense. (6,4)

15  What happens when the puppy’s wagger goes around in circles–and they may give you a boost on high. (4,5)

17  Lengthen the time it takes for a non-amateur to take on a stretch of land. (8)

19  The beginnings of how the basic units of heredity exist, somewhat ungrammatically. (7)

21  Mobile state? (7)

22  In a kayak, I’m bound, hand on hip, elbow out! (6)

26  and 16 across A teller you won’t find at the bank! (5,6)

27  How to make an effort around a bearer of food. (4)