8  It might be rain. (7,8)

9  Broken plates are good enough for such as a potato. (6)

10  Those muscles you hear about in the drink? (8)

11  A hundred fight to make it, but one is taken aback to eat it. (4)

13  She may offer you a pillow, with a bit of a tune shot out perhaps, on the curve. (3,7)

15  see 4 down

16  Uses ruses to bring me back ahead of them. (7)

19  The old chestnut of anagrams is this version of carthorses for the players. (10)

21  A baseball team is staple in this puzzle. (4)

22  It’s all right around 5 with the Queen to pull the boat back–but you’re trying too hard to do it. (8)

24  This said, you can quit talking! (6)

26  Reputed bone-breakers remain attached to the beach and a bit of music. (6,3,6)


1  Where you might find a balance in a meeting place that is very, very, serious. (6,2,7)

2  Quit when the mail is scattered! (4)

3  Concerning the lands bordering the east coast of the Mediterranean, this should be applicable. (8)

4  and 15 across They’re not amorous carryings-on in official surroundings, but politicians are familiar with them. (7,2,5)

5  What indicates a loud sort of snore here in California? (6)

6  Look over things quickly, with a point able to make it. (4)

7  Like a bon mot leaving us–according to the bon mot. (2,3,6,4)

12  Look at the little clock! (5)

14  Tonal composition, but one of those things that could grab you unpleasantly. (5)

17  Rubber, of sorts–where to find Boston needs direction to employ the result. (8)

18  A mischief-making spirit in German literature. (7)

20  The better half for some, striking a sort of pose around us. (6)

23  Take possible care of the running? (4)

25  You’ll find it blowing in the winds! (4)