Puzzle No. 3178

Puzzle No. 3178


 1 See 5 down



1  See 5 down

4  A sparkling wine sort of puts a person inside, to a point. (8)

10  The result of being not safe as you appear. (7)

11  A little work to a kind of turn that is given you temporarily? This is rich! (7)

12  Oh, it’s just the sort that gives you a lift! (Being this with your petard puts you in big trouble!) (5)

13  How they came into the ark is just this, by this. (3)

14  Is the sort that deprives you of something… (5)

15  and 17 …and this sort of thing takes those who go on all fours–they’re handy when you go fishing. (5,8)

21  Take a lash to your favorites–dogs! (8)

23  Kinda cute to take transportation in Chicago with a $5 bill, commonly. (5)

26  See 1 down

28  See 3 down

29  Possibly throw the answer in here, for whatever value! (5)

30  You’ll find a sort of lettuce around here, and sticks, also. (7)

31  Confused re Mr. Poe? Butterfly or penguin? (7)

32  Soak in water, with an awful dread of the result, which is held back. (8)

33  See 3 down


1,26 across and 6 It’s wrong for night to start where you find the end of the creek’s water–you’d be really mad to display it! (8,2,3,5)

2  No night could make it, in complete absence. (7)

3 , and 28 and 33 across Doggone it, the wind shows what you do with a lot of gabbing! (5,3,6)

5  and 1 across Bound to be close, so hop to a sort, in fish hash. (5,6)

6  See 1

7  Born, as they sometimes say, with a wild ride to what is really wanting! (7)

8  Surprisingly enough, there’s a point to bad taste, and you might leave it to your followers. (6)

9  The arm of a sea creature seen in a tangled net with a sort of cleat. (7)

16  and 25 What Santa possibly did to get going–you can hear a clip-clop made by one. (3-6)

18  A swan and a deer, both wild, gave sound feedback. (8)

19  The old expression implies a trooper does it–to be in a horizonal state. (3)

20  Like the open shay they sang of, it doesn’t show much power. (3-5)

22  Warm’s warm, in the extreme! (Possibly describes a go-getter.) (3-4)

24  Pine for this, possibly. (3,4)

25  See 16

27  Oftentimes a trial is connected with it, but that’s a mistake! (5)

28  The bad state of what you hope you have “good.” (5)

29  It’s one of the things that go back and forth right before your eyes, when you’re driving. (5)

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