1  Evidently most of the people are employed with it, and it should be enough to get things accomplished. (7,8)

9  A heavy drinker is one coming back to place. (7)

10  Confused clients may be used for letters or other designs.(7)

11  Here in Paris it makes a clean start, but is rather drippy. (6)

12  If you have words and music, this is the first part. (8)

14  Pogo’s home! (10)

15  Does badly at poetry. (4)

17  Goes out like the tide. (4)

19  Rather iffy. (To you, sounds like Mr. Charlie has 500 to go!) (5-3-2)

22  Terribly vain gal with an average grade is shocking! (8)

23  Your friend had dinner, which is what made him enjoy it. (6)

25  What the Bantu might throw in the grass again. (7)

26  Can more possibilities exist where famous violins are made? (7)

27  Exhibiting the condition of the gal in 22! (5,2,1,7)


1  In reach, if you want to grab something. (6,4,5)

2  Concerning malice, you get a delay for a time. (7)

3  In short, I am what the throbbing type does, having sudden inclinations. (8)

4  Get a different opening? (4)

5  Staying away from something can get nonappearance around it. (10)

6  The writer has nothing on a layer that goes to the little railroad. (6)

7  Urged to get what the firm often is, in short–and tied-untied. (7)

8  It is said to have something that is ancient and true blue–which does a lot of spouting. (11,4)

13  Little expeditions around Rio, in a way, to find something that’s just for girls! (10)

16  A place in California where a fool comes up with a study on a combination of it. (8)

18  If you get to libel a scoffer, a famous showman will turn up. (7)

20  This should be a helluva game! (7)

21  How you got wild game, even with a bad, bad egg to show for it. (6)

24  Possibly cups of fish from the Atlantic. (4)