Puzzle No. 3163

Puzzle No. 3163


 1 Perhaps the purpose of digging a deep hole in the ground is very good, and to be hoped for. (4-8)



1  Perhaps the purpose of digging a deep hole in the ground is very good, and to be hoped for. (4-8)

10  The former spouse wasn’t very good- looking evidently, to show the reason for it. (7)

11  A command to the very young? Stay with the kids! (4-3)

12  Words that 10 across school periods. (5)

13  For a vice president, he didn’t leave a good impression–like the auto group started to make Mr. Reagan rub the wrong way. Right? (5,4)

14  One wouldn’t want to be held this way, as one is being judged. (2,8)

16  Badly written so as to make a high point in Greece. (4)

18  Chases about aimlessly, with what might help move the cattle. (4)

20  If you do it while reading a manuscript, you don’t like what you see! (4-6)

23  A nightly description. (9)

25  Condescend, as is shown by wide ignorance. (5)

26  Part of the meal is a green fruit, when the worker is around. (7)

27  Place possibly reminding one of Nathan in the musical. (7)

28  Jewel supports turtles and rattlers! (12)


2  Rip me up, I see (I hear!)–it’s anything but theoretical. (7)

3  Setting sail is no different, with illicit connections! (8)

4  Without equal, in April none would be this, when confused. (9)

5  Most of December, it might still be glowing. (5)

6  It doesn’t mean to get out of bed, but you pour cold water on something, if you do. (6)

7  Talk about this! It’s what you might hurl to some point. (7)

8  Possibly Mae and a Norfolk type, but more likely one from Charleston. (4,9)

9  How some ramblers go on, stretched to the ultimate. (2,5,6)

15  Kept something from happening. (9)

17  Sell something, and in Paris one who is often a graduate student, though short, will cause a private fight. (8)

19  Made of the French type, and bemoaned and denounced the result. (7)

21  One who once lived at the mouth of the Columbia River gets to talk in common fashion, with nothing acceptable. (7)

22  I have found it! It’s in California! (6)

24  It ain’t true! Possibly soon it will be placed around the junction! (3,2)

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