Puzzle No. 3155

Puzzle No. 3155


 1 Such as “O Death, Where Is Thy Sting!”–signs that such as A or B have moved out. (11)



1  Such as “O Death, Where Is Thy Sting!”–signs that such as A or B have moved out. (11)

9  and 10 You might take them when you go abroad, and go by such as 13. (9)

11  How you bring up the issue? In back, too! (4)

12  You may have such a breaker in your house, but it’s a roundabout journey to get the answer. (7)

13  It’s abbreviated in any writing, at last. (3,4)

15  The words they sing in the Met! (8)

16  What the ball may go over let loose–but you might get stung with it! (6)

18  A private place near a junction. (6)

21  Where you might expect to find a Great Dane–in kennels in Oregon, as you see. (8)

24  A very special drink appeared to go by sea. (7)

26  A place in Canada on a square with bad air and the sound of French water. (7)

28  It may be a trick, but it’s sure in bad form! (4)

29  The wizard’s home stands before one in the pure, fresh air. (5)

30  Is positioned horizontally, but there’s no truth in such! (4)

31  What one might hail with the German steamy environment–but one may be considered a rather stuffy sort! (11)


2  What one may do in grocery stores were once used by peddlers. (9)

3  In short, it’s a second-year student when it’s wrongly applied to mean a person who reasons adroitly and speciously. (7)

4  Well done? Never! (An unusual description!) (4)

5  A classic runner has severe consequence at the old back gate. (7)

6  Certainly not a late Civil War general! (5)

7  Where a famous painter liked to hang out, getting up at the start to find a success with one. (6)

8  What a cop does to the beat? (6)

14  and 27 It might show a distinctive mark of the clan, to start with nothing in the holy spot. (5,4)

17  Arms of a sort, and 10 brings up a pet along with the French…(9)

19  …but the French and a somewhat crippling disease show the team association. (6)

20  Journey over rancid oil comes to shores made famous by fighting men. (7)

22  Sol, and what it does. (Ray might be associated with it.) (7)

23  Complained bitterly–having to get sick while in debt, in a sense. (6)

25  The lady, to a degree, shows where a queen reigned at one time. (5)

27  See 14

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