1  What 5 across often calls. (4,4)

5  The childish verse said to go hippity-hop to see him. (6)

10  Goes lower and lower in places where things get scrubbed. (5)

11  Bad airs to let loose for the old philosopher. (9)

12  Asia is in a bad state about returning drink for the Asian warrior. (7)

13  Where Dobbin might be kept to put in something new. (7)

14  The type of computer found along a different route. (6)

 15  See 28 across

18  Be a little droopy in the small country road–you’ll find something good to eat here. (7)

21  Take a few steps–like in the one-horse type. (6)

 24  Quite a tiff, deserving of an old-time arrow. (7)

 26  Musician who is six to nothing on the roll. (7)

 27  One dash over another–which might follow two times two. (5,4)

28  and 15 Putting the lawn where grain might be stored? Jumpers might be appropriate. (12)

29  Investigate: didn’t he banish an ancient Egyptian? (6)

30 People who manage to stay away from work. (8)


1  Is found in the so-called wild country, being the most knowing of all! (6)

2  Sort of torn about what some call you by, to a point–but they may be worn to make you pretty! (9)

3  One of two parts on the face of things, but nothing about the bad sort. (7)

4  Seeing right through you! (A bit of sunshine in the “crossing out” stage.) (1-6)

6  Puts something in the pot, but dinner is not on the mind of the person who does. (5,2)

7  Two, with a fellow called “the big crocodile,” upheld apartheid. (5)

8  One has to have been in force, probably, in order for one to do so. (8)

9  Commonly a fiver to go with his sort, but it may be the last thing you do! (6)

16  An important time, with 99 in January 1, for instance–but you can wipe everything out this way. (9)

 17  Quite capable of giving a good talking to you! (8)

19  Aging, or ill, as you can see, one is a large primate. (7)

20  Good to eat–but in a way I get clear around one. (6)

21  The day on which He quit work. (7)

 22  One who keeps on working and working. (A woodsman needs direction first!) (7)

23  A state of equilibrium–it’s as confused as it can be, to a point. (6)

25  One sounds adorable! But it’s serious. (5)