1  Old magazines that display the things that might make your spine lose all sensation? (4,7)

9  Sounds like an unhappy but old-fashioned miss could be found in the garden. (4-4)

10  and 14 The way we are supposed to stand makes an assertion that we all probably live here. (6,6)

11  A number (a large number) pushes a pencil rather idly. (7)

12  The rhymes we once saw at the side of the road, or the opposite? (7)

14  See 10

15  What the guy in the dell practiced. (8)

17  Not a real mixed up little kid, with a very high voice. (8)

20  Face the way some put it, like the osculating type. (6)

22  Likely to be sort of dead around it, but made it workable somehow. (7)

24  Courage that might be 17 at first, with her top possibly getting a peace sign, and a bit of trouble. (7)

26  Introduce Miss Gardner and Mr. Chaney in Arthur’s place. (6)

27  See 4 down

28  With flowing rills on all sides? Fixed to cut down the resistance. (11)


2  Possibly Cane’s about to lavish attentions on funny stories. (9)

3  Finders, as they say, but they may be in charge. (7)

4  and 27 across One became a beautiful swimmer, though one of those made way for in a book is not the handsome type. (4,8)

5  A real cad? No wonder such is jumpy! (“Peep” doesn’t get over here.) (7)

6  and 19 Put in a few more chips! (5,3,4)

7  What the pitcher would hope to get without reservation. (3,3)

8  The plane your uncle ended up with is a real floater. (6)

13  Here you get rings around the heavenly type, with little Harold so well brought up. (5)

16  In Tennessee, a point has wrongly a half-dozen on the rising extension. (9)

18  See 25

19  See 6

20  A capital arrangement for a very early boat wreck, and a letter from Athens. (7)

21  Though ginned poorly, the 4 and 27 had a happy one. (6)

23  The first of a series comprises a ratio over a large number. (5)

25  and 18 Early gardeners with a mad upbringing, as a well as a night out, according to the poet. (4,3,3)