Puzzle No. 3149

Puzzle No. 3149


 1 Until you run out of rope, far from a sweet beginning. (2,3,6,3)



1  Until you run out of rope, far from a sweet beginning. (2,3,6,3)

9  What the predator possibly did has little weight in the police department. (7)

10  This artist’s neighbors referred to him mainly by his origins. (2,5)

11  How we don’t like to be on the phone. (2,4)

12  What the one in poetry did in his glee. (8)

14  Where we used to watch movies had quite a racket around almost all of the stream. (5-2)

15  Teams display at least one point on a fateful day. (5)

17  Poet who suggests he was not just a comer. (5)

19  Not the usual phrases that describe those who carry certain loads. (7)

21  The derring-do kind are shown in this sort of print, at times. (4,4)

23  Proving a belonger has to show an arm or a leg. (6)

25  Miss West has the wrong sort of musical leader… (7)

26  …but at least this is a good musical. (7)

27  Evidently the finding of gold was a good deal, if you make a deal this way. (6,1,7)


1  What the old singer was doing in the tulip garden shouldn’t have created a lot of noise. (9)

2  Asked for a bit of money? Little Edward has a word of pain internally. (7)

3  The strange device on a poetic banner. (Just like a bit of straw!) (9)

4  Where they race you find your insides show it. (4)

5  He sits with his chin in his hands, being the skinny type when the frog is half there. (3,7)

6  It’s OK to say this just before you quit talking, and “out with it!” (5)

7  Have to have come first, being so teased. (7)

8  and 16 One of the original do- gooders. (4,9)

13  By itself, you get a ringer, but she had a helluva environment part of the time! (10)

15  Song of a May-December romance? (9)

16  See 8

18  Like a certain coyote, at best! (7)

20  Being sent to it wasn’t pleasant, the point being made to Spain and Portugal. (7)

21  A stage performance that’s really bad should go off with a bang! (4)

22  All together, boys! (5)

24  The bad mark given a nonunion type. (4)

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