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December 22, 2008 Issue

Alexander Cockburn on moral responsibility, Calvin Trillin on Bush, Stuart Klawans on Milk, Australia and Wendy and Lucy…

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Trading Partners

Xavier Becerra, Obama's pick for US trade representative, could bring the change working people here and abroad can believe in.

India’s Muslims

The deep grievances of marginalized Indian Muslims are a source of major societal rifts, exacerbated by the anti-Muslim propaganda of Hindu fundamentalists.

Ending the Mindset

Dissenting views on Iraq and Afghanistan will have to come not from the hawkish national security team, but from outside Washington, and from Obama himself.


Wal-Mart's toxic workplace; higher ed takes a hit; the right-wing blame game.

After Mumbai

There is no military solution to the crisis in South Asia. It falls to Barack Obama to create a new path out of the deepening Afghan-Pakistan crisis.


Socialism for the Rich

Two presidents named Bush--aided by Bill Clinton--brought corporate socialism to America. Getting out of the mess they make requires much more than bailouts.



The Imperial Transition

Obama's transition is the earliest, biggest, fastest, best organized and most efficient on record. But has the media failed to see the larger architecture of this moment, and what ...

Greece in Flames, Again

The police shooting of a boy has unleashed riots and seething resentment in Greece among young people lost in the economic downturn and a society betrayed by a corrupt and incompet...

Chavismo Takes a Hit

Venezuela's poor have seen life improve under Hugo Chávez. But opposition gains in regional elections signal corruption, and crumbling public services have taken their toll ...

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