Puzzle No. 3147

Puzzle No. 3147


 1 Possibly senile, but that’s one way to store things. (6)



1  Possibly senile, but that’s one way to store things. (6)

4  Well, the erudite should be! (8)

10  Perhaps delicate, if a final point is not made–a strong point! (7)

11  Dance with nothing on? It could be a trial type. (7)

12,13 and 14 This might be all you get for your trouble! (5,3,5)

15  and 17 Early settler who goes a long distance to put up with his sort. (5,8)

21  Laugh out loud on Long Island shortly with Dad–what a sucker! (8)

23  Boats that disprove the fact that no man can serve two masters. (5)

26  Ditch such defenses! It sounds like they have a real funny output! (2-3)

28  In favor of the nonamateurish type? (3)

29  Where the Brit hangs out for a call that can’t be a long distance. (5)

30  Sire is distressed about everything that could be used to raise enthusiasm. (7)

31  What the one of 29 has at 4 o’clock, with really unruly people showing what they rode at one time. (7)

32  and 33 Where stars show a certain amount of rank. (8,6)


1  Cries about demands made by the former spouse? (8)

2  One might carry things in what might be described as an old pitcher. (7)

3  Certainly not good deals made the way one puts on cargo. (5)

5  Given a mathematical increase, like certain sugar servings might be. (5)

6  The lowest deck is right in the pool, sort of. (5)

7  Behold! I put it in one’s definition of those crazy people! (7)

8  One might call for it at breakfast,
and his makeup will prove it! (6)

9  What Mrs. Mop does, and makes a lot of money? (6,2)

16  My gal of song. (3)

18  Come up to a very quiet fish? (8)

19  Twenty-four hours in the life of Clarence spent with Daddy? (3)

20  Is nothing least disturbed by what the “spreadable” disease does to you? (8)

22  To bring it up with a greeting is just like a Shakespearean character! (7)

24  Sort of wait around his possibilities in Kansas. (7)

25  Listen to what’s in the ship! They could be dangerous! (6)

27  Quiet, yet! (5)

28  A wrong step around it could be sticky! (5)

29  The tiniest bit could be stale! (5)

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