1  I sort of rent what is ready in Paris, and I have shortly come across a kind of dancing–which should be explanatory. (12)

10  More about what’s happening–you get other than the same old sort of rise out of it. (7)

11  The sort of pudding found at a kind of dance, with ten going to a little state. (7)

12  The sort of feet that show I am here, to a degree. (5)

13  Did the earth move–or is it an overwhelming number of yes votes? (9)

14  Arthur was one of them, but the writer gets to go and go and go, to a point! (10)

16  People, as they say, have a number to fix up things with it. (4)

18  Sent by mistake to the home spot. (4)

20  Where some people keep their bloomers, like a river that gets to sort of stop this. (10)

23  Take little notice with the apparel ending up in two directions–the name on the envelope should show it. (9)

25  Untrue! (3,2)

26  Relating to the tongue, lisping at first in Gaul, possibly. (7)

27  In part, all is so mercenary–but flexible. (7)

28  One takes notes, but takes notes wrongly, with a chart that goes to the queen. (12)


2  One might have the latest dope for you, going in all directions to some guy. (7)

3  It’s the wrong year to have a young lady inside, though you might send one on an errand. (8)

4  What a golfer hopes to make with a thing to stand on, with Mr. Gore–but not admitted to practice. (9)

5  Taken in with a point having a possibly neat finish. (5)

6  One is three-quarters impostor, which may be duty. (6)

7  It only takes one bite to make such, but it might be rather rubbery, in a sense. (7)

8  Such things could be hard to do without. (13)

9  In turn, they might provide pretty colors. (13)

15  One of FDR’s adherents could be asked for it, if people don’t like their hands! (3-6)

17  Rears what one does to a subject at times. (6,2)

19  They might be on the house, but one so admits his guilt about part of the psyche. (7)

21  The possible result is not income, certainly. (7)

22  The ump might end up with someone from Salt Lake–to prove one is mistaken. (6)

24  Constructed from ovals, one takes more than a few shots with it. (5)