1  Pa’s companion and her little boy only got little Edward, being rather poorly adapted to the situation. (11)

9  Chalcedony obtained with fake coin, causing derision. (8)

10  Certainly not an exit ramp, but one of those damaging things you hope you don’t find. (6)

11  The jazzman’s hat comes back to a famously wild auntie–really wild–causing a situation where you have to make a difficult choice. (7)

12  Almost all crazy, crazy, in a female ruler. (7)

14  What we might be told to listen to are not quite right, young feller! (6)

15  Urgent work the tailor might be doing. (8)

17  Happy to take ten to the little city of angels–and get a flower, possibly. (8)

20  Time spent at the end of a sentence, usually. (6)

22  In the thick of things, being a little state surrounded by a great deal of worry. (7)

24  Like the cattle standing in Oklahoma, it sounds like you might be in the country shortly. (7)

26  Game where you get something you might have to cross. (6)

27  They’re usually not wasted on the quick type. (8)

28  Here weapons are assembled for a military command. (7,4)


2  What the crowd was at Gettysburg shows what letters may be. (9)

3  Article about little creature reveals the old Roman’s fourth name. (7)

4  What some call money for John, more properly. (4)

5  Stick in the drink! (7)

6  One of the Bard’s comedies has a lot of such, which is wrong. (5)

7  The lady of 1 across has something she didn’t want in her hair, which causes bad feelings. (6)

8  What’s the point in ecclesiastical law? It could cause a lot of noise! (6)

13  Possibly parts of little fish. (5)

16  A layer having a precious stone, possibly–but it might be just a ploy. (9)

18  They spend their nights in Madagascar, when the French raise their spirits, singularly, inside it. (6)

19  The boy’s terseness shows what superstition tells us not to dine with at certain times. (7)

20  Show affection for the Cinders girl, but you might bend it in proposals. (7)

21  Write a bad piece of poetry around it, hoping the letter will be. (6)

23  A point on the celestial sphere shows what could be a bad drain to you. (5)

25  Have a tendency to be a bit skinny? (4)