Puzzle No. 3143

Puzzle No. 3143


 1 Awful pain, with a word of course that could be produced onstage, only put on by women. (8)



1  Awful pain, with a word of course that could be produced onstage, only put on by women. (8)

5  You shouldn’t leave things hanging in such a fashion–being found in the central part of the tune. (3-3)

10  In place, is returning to the French, marking those ready to be called up. (7)

11  Sales pitches prove to be wrong in what British homeowners pay. (7)

12  At first the scale is supposed to be good for you, at the junction with a false coin. (5)

13  Wildly happy with the former spouse over in Germany, with a busy working type. (9)

14  and 24 They take away what a live wire will give you, and get you over the bumpy parts. (5,9)

16  Such a boat could hold quite a bit of beer. (8)

19  They supposedly lead a low life, with vegetables being given to the workers. (8)

22  Defensive ditch, holding a ship with the enemy about. (5)

24  See 14

26  Such a count could be a knockout, frequently. (5)

28  Put on a play with vegetables, obviously in favor of the Italian leader. (7)

29  A person of a foreign land is not exactly real with one. (7)

30  Often trees have part of the meal to show for it. (6)

31  Benedict Arnold, for example, turning green with drink. (8)


1  A character of The Mikado has a ship-wreck, and finally gets shut out. (4-4)

2  The man without a country, with no language to show it. (5)

3  Maybe starts with the first course, and ends up with the last–or is just a seafood dish in itself. (4-5)

4  Proving some of you guys out there are Reds, possibly. (7)

6  I point around a disheveled bum to fill with color, inspiration, etc. (5)

7  Such as the aardvark show a way to toss in your chips, and stare in a nasty fashion. (9)

8  What one does with the clock at both ends of the summer season, possibly. (6)

9  The old model you rode in has a not-so-smooth finish–but it’s a place to eat for the lower types. (6)

15  One hopes not to do it with the mark, and hovers around, also coming up. (4-5)

17  Having lost your way, but not on the golf circuit! (3-6)

18  Not a very nice occasion, possibly associated with Greenwich during a spell of it. (8)

20  Had to have the answer! (6)

21  Bring you and me up to the top of the church, for a long sigh. (7)

23  A number with fruit being spotted. (6)

25  The outer sort of path to travel. (5)

27  Classic letter that is crumpled about a certain point. (5)

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