1  An extra actor has a point to being sort of pure, but hasn’t anything to say, which is very, very good! (5)

4  A bit on the lemony side–you get to holler with nothing but a final hope! (9)

9  A famous battle, where you got a drink before the king and queen. (9)

10  Heads you get served these…(5)

11  …and possibly said to go very quietly with something on the side of your head, and totally vanish! (9)

12  An administrative officer is ever at sea, at some point. (5)

13  American novel. Maybe bucks at one point, and gets chicken, possibly! (10)

17  A fowl made ready for the grill. (You get to mend a number in your little stocking!) (10)

21  A pleasant smell, as some signs could say in Italy. (5)

22  There’s a point to the worst sort of direction. (9)

23  You can’t say there’s no excuse for this! (5)

24  An irregular lien with sharp pain at the end for signing up. (9)

25  Gets terribly mixed up with possibly ten ways of looking at things. (9)

26  The hero’s charger in a short way, when the river flows back. (5)


1  Where bands play and newspapers are sold. (6)

2  Being somewhat la-di-da is one point to get nosy about. (6)

3  Unusual prices for directions to the cook. (6)

4  What happens when you’re sworn to secrecy? There’s no way of knowing! (3,5,3,4)

5  What some writers go around in? (8,7)

6  Given certain freedom, there’s no getting up quietly, with a part to play. (2,6)

7  Where you don’t want to be during a hurricane, or get a sock this way. (2,3,3)

8  A fancy name for a place to stay when broken-down hotels are located on the short railway line. (8)

14  Take little notice, but it’s a way to get away around it, with a little fling! (8)

15  One who makes fun of things being equal to somewhat of a poet. (8)

16  To give rise to no coca is bad. (8)

18  The wrong shapes for certain aspects of the moon. (6)

19  Erect, I scrambled to repeat the lesson. (6)

20  A short way with the old way plays are put on. (6)