1  and 5 One sometimes does before shaving–with heavy exercise, too. (5,2,1,6)

9  More silly than sweet, sticky stuff on fire, sort of. (7)

10  Began like the actor Little Edward. (7)

11  Forbid its existence inter alia for this country. (7)

12  That’s what you think! (7)

13  What the electric company has in its favor. (7,6)

15  Guesses a bit high? (4-9)

21  A stout return with an uncertain fate, which proves material. (7)

22  Peerless description of the Frenchman’s negative view on a sort of it. (3-4)

23  You might see a worker tip his lid and come out of it. (7)

24  A southern republican puts one in a hat with John in Glasgow. (7)

25  Comparatively right, according to some. (Fasten firmly on the junction!) (6)

26  An awful lot with it, but nothing goes up wrong with the end of silence. (8)


1  The home of the brave? (6)

2  Like some equilateral parallelograms. (7)

3  Perhaps the actress who could beat the hide off you! (7)

4  What’s washed up on the shore forever might go to her head. (9,4)

6  To tell the truth, he never did! (7)

7  Typified by Uriah with a star performance having a close-fitting sound. (7)

8  E. in a state of undress displays impolite behavior. (8)

10  Suggests the part of the athlete that might get out of joint really defines good behavior on his part. (13)

14  Take advantage of someone and offer him an apple, perhaps–but you should treat the villain with it. (8)

16  Eastern title that makes the point very loud to finish one. (7)

17  Looks over what came from mine, but doesn’t look very well. (7)

18  English caricaturist putting a number on the broken line. (7)

19  Possibly a lizard or a crocodile, as it comes up to the old city in around a final part. (7)

20  You might spare the spare with the one with his hand out, or alter the definition. (6)