1 and 5  When you’re in it, you wish you were out of it, and it’s not a funny mix-up! (7,7)

9  Possibly one name for a flower in the buttercup family. (7)

10  What some frown on as apparel in return–as the runaway did–when feathers get so mixed up. (7)

11  Throws something in the pot, possibly. (5)

12,13 and 26 Produce by multiplication, according to the figures of those against birth control. (11)

14  The way the Brits throw things on the loch, typified by violets. (7)

16  Is evil less likely to show it in Spain? (7)

18  What such meat comes from sounds dear, with outrageous noise following 5, to a point. (7)

21  Baffles most of the unsightly things. (7)

24  See 21 down

26  See 12

27  One who is seen coming out with it as an IOU recording. (5)

28  Confined to a particular place, at last the 
little rodents appear back to front. (7)

29  One might be found in a nomadic tribe, but race in endless sand. (7)

30  Acts rebellious, with a short time as they say, to scatter the seed. (7)

31  No longer with us, with the text needing amending about what follows the company name, perhaps. (7)


1  There’s a reminder of injury on those muscles some want to be flat, like the images of the Egyptians. (7)

2  You have to come out before you can make one. (7)

3  They blow in the woods, like other reeds. (5)

4  The sort of phrases that often guide people. (7)

5  A sailor that a famous Lily went after, with scales of silver. (7)

6  ”Guts!”–that sounds awful! (5)

7  A bunch of hay, not quite full of this, and somewhat threatening. (7)

8  What one often does to check the last part, with all but Dobbin’s head. (7)

17  and15 Five letters, and sometimes W and Y, with what the groom does when taking overhead transportation. (6)

18  Blue in a lover’s verse, though of a slightly different color, with one of the strings set improperly. (7)

19  Describing those who are frequent travelers? (7)

20  Subtle distinctions when the sun comes up around the swaying cane. (7)

21  and 24 across Aren’t women allowed to hold property here? (3,4,2,3)

22  Polish the symbol of what implied a decisive crossing. (7)

23  Material didn’t stand around part of the fork. (7)

25  So-called way you can get to amend the answer. (5)

27  Dialectically dared dust around Robespierre’s head. (5)