1 and 5 One may gripe without practical experience. (Doesn’t stand to reason, negatively–something like a Monday morning quarterback.) (8,6)

10 A magnificent character, a number otherwise at a different zone. (7)

11 One hears it’s the guy who throws you out, but it’s only part of the game. (7)

12 A mixture of oil–or part of the book that talks about it. (5)

13 Implicit meanings from obvious people? (9)

14 Paper children? (5)

16 People enter the office because of it. (8)

19 What we swing when we run–building up things to throw at each other. (4,4)

22 Out of uniform. (5)

24 The wrong name at the junction does wrongly get such wormy results. (9)

26 Offers a kind of baglike structure to a little company, with one in an important case years ago. (5)

28 It’s nothing to an automobile in a version here that might offer a sweet tune. (7)

29 It sounds like a better than average deal–and could be the last word! (7)

30 Steven gets upset by such happenings! (6)

31 Proving a call for help is about the most appropriate word–but it might be a help in case of fire. (8)


1, 23 and 20 Anything goes in the bailiwicks of Venus and Mars! (4,4,2,4,3,3)

2 A large number spoken in what could be a very ethical principle. (5)

3 Eaves, possibly, but they don’t offer you much of a welcome after a night on the town. (9)

4 Form of a chemical element–and I thus take in too much refreshment with it! (7)

6 There’s nothing in film caused by oxidation, but it’s a way to get someone out of bed. (5)

7 Disrobing and starting to fly. (6,3)

8 Automobile on the curve–perhaps hugging such. (6)

9 A short month comes up in one, so go along with the suggestion. (6)

15 Involved in the football procedure, with the leg commonly coming up in such bad crimes. (9)

17 Bon mot set randomly on this for one who is not quick. (9)

18 Such men have suffered a personal loss, with an important point showing when I would shortly get worse, perhaps. (8)

20 See 1

21 They’re far from flag officers, despite the implication! (7)

23 See 1

25 Give a spit to Oliver, for example. (5)

27 The measure of a little bear on it? (5)