1 and 5 What dress designers might be chasing, somewhat. (5,1,7)
10 Everything I put a label on the wrong way, otherwise it might end up as baggage, or a purse. (9)
11 Turn inside out, like a female racketeer. (5)
12 One might manage to be set out of position on the pullback. (7)
13 Where 5 and 23 down might be opening. (7)
14 This way the pad is made more interesting. (5)
16 By chance, lit in a particular science. (9)
18 and 25 down Someone evidently thought it a good time to take a stab at solving the country’s problems. (3,4,2,5)
20 What we might be told is an old list of possible jurors. (5)
22 To depreciate a headache, a penicillin extraction is obviously the answer. (7)
24 Possibly the center or end of one climbing a pole, perhaps. (7)
26 Hot to catch a girl with nothing on? (5)
27 It might not be much good without stock attached to it, but it’s often rifled. (3,6)
28 Hardly an agreeable way to behave. (7)
29 What one is supposed to view isn’t stated, but agitation is obvious when something does. (6)
 2 and 15 Peers sent to make this might be in misleading disguise. (5,9)
 3 March past, and you’ll know it’s time for Browning to like it here. (7)
 4 Comes before a bet placed on such as 18-25. (9)
 5 and 23 Leading sort of thing initially produced at 13. (5,5)
 6 Where you might find Irish whiskey, though the grammar of the girl appeared to be crude. (7)
 7 It may be out of place, but I’d clean it, just the same. (9)
 8 and 9 Pro-environment crusades against man-made products? People have died this way! (7,6)
15 See 2
17 Hit on the golf course, as wrist-movement might reveal. (9)
18 A temporary change of direction preceded what the 24 did in defense, perhaps. (7)
19 One doesn’t like to do it, putting it mildly. (7)
20 No agent, however disguised, shows such capacity. (7)
21 Look, there’s absolutely nothing in it to be old and feeble! (6)
25 See 18 across