1 What happens with landing patterns might be a matter of stop and go. (7,6)
 9 In the main, it should be jolly. (5)
10 What one of the mates saves up before a hitch could show either end of the twist on a painter. (9)
11 Oriental flower with a point on either side. (7)
12 The table is most upset with a worker being noisy or vulgar. (7)
13 It’s soul-shattering when one is inside—it might make one either a saint or a king. (5)
14 What one might hit or deliver in disguise. (4,5)
16 Well-groomed flocks, or those that took care of them? (9)
18 Use foil to surround something—in case it’s hot, one can handle it! (5)
19 One might get on in a month or so like 13, perhaps. (7)
21 Satisfied with what’s inside? (7)
22 Left at sea in almost all comedy when properly behaved. (9)
23 The current amount to the French might be enough. (5)
24 One might take a stopwatch to the track workout to do it, but with 1 down it naturally follows. (3,3,4,3)
  1 Reputed woman-chasers that might cause 3 some concern. (5,5,4)
 2 Argonauts might make a dash for some. (9)
 3 Distant foreign seas, but they grow still. (7)
 4 Break up a partnership in metals, copper being one of them. (3,2)
 5 Smith’s muscles were comparable, somewhat like press unions. (4,5)
 6 Save the better half of 1 down’s object of pursuit. (7)
 7 Female graduate from Queensland? (5)
 8 Polly has been asked to do it. (3,3,6,2)
14 Regular end to a district movement, perhaps. (9)
15 Traditional host. (9)
17 Being partly rich, or money-making, might get into the blood. (7)
18 Hot-dogs and beer at the game, served with flourish. (7)
20 In short, Tom, Dick or Harry. (5)
21 Acted like a would-be soldier. (5)