1 One reason the performance was canceled—possibly of Crusoe. (8)
 5 Fends off with sticks. (Notes are possibly made on them.) (6)
 9 Chief heading the CIA organization, no longer effective. (7)
10 Official who finds there’s absolutely nothing in the business of creating monopoly. (7)
11 Tried to learn how to settle the dust when about to perish. (7)
12 Shakespearean wall-hangers. (7)
13 How the unwelcome might be thrown out, but you could check the answer. (3,3,7)
15 You might find it elapse in Straw Dogs, perhaps. (5,8)
21 You’ll see it in going west, or on to the city. (7)
22 One absorbs a good deal of the spirit of the occasion. (7)
23 The soil may be turned over, but is not very amenable to treatment. (7)
24 A very low mark given to what Webster might have been doing. (7)
25 The prescribed amount for a riotous sea-god. (6)
26 A dessert that’s said to be easily prepared. (8)
 1 Sounds like Santa could be dependent, perhaps. (6)
 2 What’s the answer? Give up? (7)
 3 Weakening one container with the contents of another. (7)
 4 What one doesn’t intend to take lying down? Such people might be covered only with extra expense. (8-5)
 6 The oldest urn in Greece shows what the lathe-operator is doing. (7)
 7 The leading position indisposed to take a possible extract of it. (7)
 8 Underlined what comes up as a matter of course. (8)
10 What social aspirants are trying to do at clubs might help one reach the heights. (8,5)
14 One might get off the main track if so treated like a bad boy by some. (8)
16 Puts a point forward, perhaps. (7)
17 The thing a candidate is often found in. (7)
18 A way to hold things, superior to an L-bracket by implication. (7)
19 With transportation coming up, sits awkwardly just to remain in being. (7)
20 Fish-head completely inflexible with cold. (6)