1 Far out, when accompanied by brass, reeds, etc. (Mitchell made it a hit.) (4,4,3,4)
 9 Not exactly descriptive of a Kentucky rifle, though the old Navy used it. (7)
10 Seen in Ankara, China and Pakistan as well. (7)
11 Got out of the draft. (6)
12 Literally, 50 in a sort of natural relationship. (8)
14 In one little shake, a classical hero might suggest a sour principle. (6,4)
15 It might suggest 13 down. (4)
17 and 4 down Doesn’t work so, with standard shift. (4,4)
19 Their withdrawals are probably complete, with a nice short possibility. (10)
22 Wished so hard for strange things here? (8)
23 Take the cover off. (6)
25 With it, a reel change can be made right where the picture is made. (7)
26 Not a very big point, but you’ll get really out of sorts when in pawn, as they say. (7)
27 Was Jerome writing about the shipboard crowd? (5,3,2,1,4)
 1 Writer of "My USA" and "Upstage" (in translation). (3,2,10)
 2 Hurried up at great speed to do what 1 down did, on paper. (7)
 3 They once made light of this, though the source might be something like Moby-Dick. (5,3)
 4 See 17 across.
 5 Use the stairs to leave, in case of panic. (4,6)
 6 A bug in the listener’s receiver? (6)
 7 Be disposed to bow. (7)
 8 Carson was evidently told to go it alone, with such equipment. (2-2-8,3)
13 Ocean navigation for the chicken, perhaps. (4,6)
16 Sore throat might cause the fruit and everything to come up! (8)
18 In the stag show, it might make the color rush up. (3,4)
20 Even the best players are a little shaky with it. (7)
21 Hope to make a point? (6)
24 One from Anna’s old country might make a hit. (4)