Even those who have merely pretended to be doctors and nurses, such as Olivia Wilde from House, Linda Cardinelli from ER, and Donald Faison from Scrubs, are coming out in support of healthcare reform and the public option. In a new video from Funny or Die, Will Ferrell’s humor video portal, celebrities like Jon Hamm and Ferrell shed satirical light on the real victims in the attempt to make healthcare more accessible: the insurance company executives. “The insurance companies have looked out for our best interests for so long, and now we should look out for theirs,” the stars claim in this MoveOn.org-sponsored video, reminiscent of the election’s “Don’t Vote” reverse-psychology ads that highlight the absurdist components of some reactionary stances. Although repetitive, the video succeeds in driving its point home: in reality, we all lose if we lose the public option.

Fernanda Diaz

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