Barack Obama won a resounding victory in November, but was it a victory
for progressives? With the new administration now into its first 100
days, The Nation and Air America Media convened a panel of experts,
activists and journalists to debate the role of progressives in the
Obama presidency. Held at New York University on January 28, the panel debated when progressives should work with the new administration, and when they should
mobilize for change. Topics ranged from Afghanistan, affirmative action
and Social Security to the economic crisis, partisanship and the
restoration of the rule of law.

The panelists were journalist William Greider, columnist and legal
scholar Patricia Williams, foreign policy expert Lawrence Korb and
Eli Pariser, executive director and co-founder of The panel was moderated by Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of
The Nation and Mark Green, president of Air America Media. This podcast
provides audio of the full event, including audience questions.

Listen here: