Pat Robertson’s God sure has been angry of late, smiting on a scale not seen since Sodom and Gomorrah. First, the Lord collapsed the Twin Towers because of homosexuals, then drowned New Orleans because of abortions, and now He has apparently, according to the kindly Reverend Robertson, blocked a blood vessel in Ariel Sharon’s brain as punishment for “dividing God’s land.”

Excuse me? If divisiveness is such a sin in God’s eyes, why is Pat Robertson at 75-years-of-spit-and-vinegar still with us? But perhaps he is onto something. Certainly a surprising number of divisivefigures have been brought low of late.

First, there was Harriet Miers, who divided the GOP (God’s Own Party) and had her nomination to the Supreme Court struck down. Then Bill O’Reilly was slapped down on Letterman for dividing America, the promised land, over the holiday season.

And finally just this weekend, Tom DeLay, who re-divided political districts in Texas and lobbyists on K-Street, was permanently removed from his post as majority leader.

Who might be next? While I’m not as confident as Robertson when it comes to interpreting God’s will, if dividing not uniting a land is cause for divine retribution, then Karl Rove better start polishing his resignation letter.