About a month ago I got the following email from a reader. I’m now feeling like a total fool because I kept meaning to follow up, but was a bit OD’ed on Palin and had other things cross my plate. D’oh! I could have had the scoop! I’m reprinting a slightly edited version of the email below just because I feel like I owe this reader some props for her foresight:

Between Sarah Palin and her husband they make about $215K a year. They have 5 children. She’s putting forth her gosh, gee-whiz, kitchen table propaganda and how she can sympathize with all those families out there trying to make ends meet for groceries and gas and in the past week she has appeared in jackets alone totaling about $17K. From being an avid shopper and huge fan of fashion I can tell you a few things: The jacket she wore in the Charles Gibson interview was an Akris jacket and retails for $3,500. And that’s just the jacket. A full outfit averages $5,300. She’s also had at least 2 other Akris jackets. I can’t afford one of their jackets at full-price and Frank and I only have 2 children. I couldn’t afford one at full-price before we got married and I make more than Sarah. And the jacket she wore at the Republican Convention was a $5K Valentino. Where is the $ coming from?

She also hasn’t appeared in the same outfit twice. Any shot I’ve seen of her is always in another designer outfit. Does the RNC pay for her clothing? Do the oil companies pay for her clothing? Or is she just incredibly in debt? Do the stores give her clothing? Is this legal? Does she get a discount? That can’t be legal.