Our Ongoing Moral Collapse

Our Ongoing Moral Collapse

According to Chris Hedges, if Obama continues to listen to Geithner, Summers et al.–his presidency may be doomed.


“Our moral collapse is as terrifying, and as dangerous, as our economic
collapse,” Chris Hedges writes in his weekly column at TruthDig. The
financial elite, driven by greed and profit, has for decades defined
success in terms of wealth and acquiring more this year than last. But
the moral crisis, Hedges argues, has made it very difficult for those at
the top–many of whom were involved in the de-regulation of financial
markets–to come up with a new way forward without simply recycling
failed ideas.

And, according to Hedges, Obama doesn’t have much time left. If he
continues to listen to Geithner, Summers et al. his presidency may be

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